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Title of Course: Economics 201

Black Power Economics: Beyond Capitalism [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

The greatest asset of Black Power Economics is Our Attitude. Those of Us who are dominated by "can't do" attitudes can't help Us develop the required Black Power Economics System. Those of Us who have the proper attitude, a "can do" attitude, will take on the management issues that mean so much to Our success. We have to learn how to manage Our Selves, Our Attitude, Our Energy, Our Time, Our Skills, Our Wealth, and Our Money. Each of these was touched on in Economics 101 and should be referred back to as you make your way through Economics 201.

Economics 201 will also discuss establishing a Black Power Economics System. There are three basic parts to a Black Power Economics System. The first part is the Black Power Economist. The second part is the Black Power Economics Unit. The third part is the Black Power Economics Governing Body. A Black Power Economics System will be the first step toward economic independence for Black People, develop business ties with like minded forces, and combat the subversive interference of white power political and economic priorities. However, We can't afford to get ahead of Ourselves. If We do not master the internal issues that were discussed in Economics 101, trying to manage what is discussed in Economics 201 could turn farcical.

It can not be over stressed: We are Our only guarantee. We should not expect much of anything from anyone else. A Black Power economic system is Our baby. It will start out being much less than what it can be, but if We care for it, nurture it and make the necessary sacrifices, it will grow up and serve Us and humankind well.

All Class Materials are Found Online

Class #1: The Economics of Education
Class #2: Mental Toughness
  Class #3 : Are You A Black Power Economist?
   Class #4 : Establishing Ties
  Class #5 : Black Power Economic Units: Some Don'ts
  Class #6: Black Power Economics Units: What They Do
  Class #7 : The Black Power Economics Governing Body
  Class #8 : What Is Black Wealth?
  Class #9: Let's Audit the Books
Class #10: Revolutionary Investments
Class #11: Revolutionary Diplomacy
Class #12: The Economics of Self Defense
Class #13: Case Study of A Black Power Economist, Part 1
Class #14: Case Study of A Black Power Economist, Part 2
Class #15: