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The following courses are taught. To take a course, click on one of the UNDERLINED courses. All course classes and materials will be online at all times!!!***You do not have to seek a certificate or degree. If you want to receive a CERTIFICATE or DEGREE, CLICK HERE!

Black Government 101: "Understanding The Black Constitution"

Black History 101: "The History of Black America"

Black History 201: The History of Haiti / Ayiti

Black History 301: The History of Cuba

Black Nationalism 101: "Understanding Black Nationalism" [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Black Nationalism 201: "Early Implementation Considerations" [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Black Nationalism 301: "Deconstructing White Power" [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Black Psychology 101: "Exploring The Anti-Black Mindset"

Economics 101: "Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks"

Economics 201: "Black Power Economics: Beyond Capitalism"

Education Principles 101: "New Education Principles"

Integration 101: "Do Black People Know What Integration Is?"

International Law 101: "International Basis for Black Nationalism"

Leadership 101: "What Leadership Is And How To Recognize It"

Personal Finances 101: "Steps Toward Financial Independence"

Philosophy 101: "Black Race Matters"

Profiles In Black: "By Any Means Necessary"

Reading 101: "Understanding What You Read"

Religion 101: "Religion Made Simple"

White History 101: The History of White America

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