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Radio Broadcasts

Each of these broadcasts is essentially a one hour radio show that introduces further details about establishing independent Black territories and building an independent Black economy that revolves around a unique Black currency, the Black Dollar ($BD), among other issues. What is introduced in books like Black Power Economists is expanded on in these broadcasts. Because a small section or two might have been eliminated, the times might run from as little as 40 to as much as 55 minutes.

Radio Broadcast Number One: The Importance of One's Self Identity, Thought Time (Musical Interludes), Escaping John and Jane Doe's Influence.

Radio Broadcast Number Two: New Afrikan Identity, Independent Black Territories, Thought Time (Musical Interludes)

Radio Broadcast Number Three: New Afrikan Citizenship, Popularizing Black Nationalism, Integration's Damage

Radio Broadcast Number Four: The Code of Umoja: the New Afrikan Constitution, the New Afrikan Creed, Native American Land Rights, Independnt Black Economy, Thought Time (Musical Interludes)

Radio Broadcast Number Five: PGRNA-Provisional Government, Territories, John and Jane Doe, Black Self Defense, Black Power Economics (Musical Interludes)

Radio Broadcast Number Six: Entanglements, Separation, Independent Territories, Reparations, Code of Umoja, Clearly Defined Objectives, Maturation, Thought Time (Musical Interludes)

Radio Broadcast Number Seven:

Radio Broadcast Number Eight:

Radio Broadcast Number Nine:

Radio Broadcast Number Ten:





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