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Title: Ten Lessons (An Introduction to Black History)

Author: Mba Mbulu

Number of Pages: 236

Price: $4.50 (reg $9.00)

20000 years of Black history, from the periods of greatness in Ancient Africa until the riots and rebellions of the 1960s. This book reviews the history of Black People in the United States like no other. Finally it has access to the market that has long been all but closed to serious Black writings, and you can read it and assess it for yourself.

Title: Not Dark White (The 4-1-1 on Black Nationalism)

Author: Mba Mbulu

Number of Pages: 172

Price: $2.50 (reg $5.00)

One of the most definitive books that cover Black Nationalism; what it is, what needs to be evaluated in order to keep it from being confused with other ideologies and how to bring it to fruition. The number one objective of Black People who were brought to the Americas as slaves was to free themselves and reestablish their status as independent, self governing people.

Title: Mba Mbulu's An Introduction to White History (The History of White America)

Author: Mba Mbulu

Number of Pages: 196

Price: $4.00 (reg $8.00)

The only history book of the United States of America written by a Black educator. From the discovery of Christopher Columbus through the much discussed Reconstruction period (1877), this book provides a perspective that objective readers and students must take into account.

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Title: Not To Be (Essays on Integration)

Author: Mba Mbulu

Number of Pages: 116

Price: $4.00 (reg $8.00)

In this book Mba Mbulu discusses integration in the United States of America. The title essay deals with the crippling of the white American population, while the other three essays ponder Black/Hispanic political unity ("The Hispanic Factor"), educational hypocrisy ("White People Don't Read Black Books") and Black People's responses to being enslaved and terrorized by white power ("We Changed")

Title: Playing Black Cheap (Are African Americans Taking Too Much For Granted?)

Author: Mba Mbulu

Number of Pages: 97

Price: $2.50 (reg $5.00)

Is there some of the Jewish past in the future of African Americans? Is the vote a friend or foe of African Americans? And what about the age old question of mixed relationships? These and other issues of relevance to the American experience are addressed in this book.

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