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Can These Colors Merge: Where Did the Idea of Integration in America Come From?

Where did the idea of integration in the United States come from? When Black People were on the African continent, attacked by slave traders, standing on auction blocks, planning rebellions and hearing talk about a war between the states, they were not thinking about integrating with white people. Where then did the idea of integration in the United States come from?

Integration: A Huge Mountain to Climb

Integration is not primarily a matter of physics, integration is primarily a matter of chemistry. At one extreme, all Black persons could live in one part of the country while all white persons live in the other, and almost complete integration could be realized. At the other extreme, a consistent pattern of "salt and pepper" residential areas and business offices could be part and parcel of an almost totally segregated society.

Not To Be: The Essay

A brief comment on the defrauding of white America by America's white leadership and how white Americans are handicapped as a result. at one time there were the American people, the American government and american commercial interests, in that order. Now the order is American commercial interests, American leaders and, occupying up the rear position, the American people. What happened?

On the Way to the Nuthouse

Psychologically speaking, it is normal for a person to be somewhat abnormal because the other extreme of "normal" is "perfect," and none of us is perfect. In the case of Black People, the quality of being abnormal is present, but not just for the usual reasons. This essay explores the conflict between the Black subconscious and conscious that is driving Black People to the nuthouse.

What Black Middle Class?

There is no Black middle class in the United States. There are Black individuals who earn enough money and possess enough material belongings to be middle class consumers, but to be middle class requires much more than labor and consumption.

The Black Jeffersonians

Thomas Jefferson is disturbingly representative of an increasing number of Black individuals; hypocritical, sinister, well-educated, represensive towards the mass of Black People and convinced they have the right to make personal gains at the expense of less fortunate persons of color. 11 pages.

The Future: Will Black People Be Prepared?

Taken from Ten Lessons, Mba Mbulu's remarkable but underpublicized Black History book, this 1980 essay anticipated the confusion that seems to hinder Black People 30 years later. What is in store?

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