WARNING: Between September and March send an email to before sending money orders for the purchase of books or CDs by Mba Mbulu. Download the digital version instead!

(A) Black Studies Books

(1) Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History- $15.50

(2) Black Smart- $13.50

(3) Spotlight on Male/Female Relations- $6.50

(4) An Introduction to White History: The History of White America - $20.00

(5) ... Not To Be- $11.50

(6) The Black Studies Book: A Guide for TeenAgers and Adults- $17.50

(A) Package Set 1: All 6 Books $56.00 (B) Package Set 2: Books 1-4 $40.00

(C) Package Set 3: Books 3-6 $40.00

(B) Black Studies CDs

(1) Getting Started: You Can Be As Smart As Any Historian

(2) How Black History Should Be Taught

(3) What Black Students Need To Learn That White America’s School System Will Not Teach Them

(4) How White History Should Be Taught

(5) The Historical Basis For Black Nationalism In The United States: Why Black

Nationalism Is Necessary

(6) Black History 201: The History of Haiti

(7) Black History 301: The History of Cuba

Each CD is $5.00 (Add $3.50 S/H to all CD orders)

(C) Black Studies Degrees and Certificates

1) Online Black Nationalism Degree $250.00

(2) Online Black History Degree $250.00

(3) Online Black Awareness Degree $250.00

(4) Offline Black Awareness Degree $250.00 (For those without access to internet. Price includes cost of books- Package Set 1 as listed above.)

(5) Online Black Studies Certificate $50.00

(6) Offline Black Studies Certificate $50.00