Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History is the ideal Black History Textbook! 10 LESSONS: An Introduction to Black History is the first of our alternative education series on Black Studies. This award winning book appreciates Black People's contributions to the development of the United States of America. It also serves the educational interests of students and teachers by being a well rounded appraisal of historical developments; why they took place and what their future implications are. A sketch of the book reveals:

An outline before each chapter that can be followed as is or adjusted to the demands of the instructor;

An introductory chapter that defines history and explains it as a discipline;

Coverage of the entire range of Black responses to enslavement and racism;

Explanations of what was happening to Black People throughout the world during the same general time periods;

Stresses importance of Black People learning from the experiences of Our Ancestors;

Stresses importance of Black People learning from the experiences of other peoples; etc.


Introduction ... Page iii Editor's Note ... Page iii

Lesson #1 Page 1 Lesson Outline: I. History Defined...4 II. Purpose of History...6 III. Approaches to History...7 IV. Understanding History...8 V. Central Motivating Force of a People...18 Addendum...22

Lesson #2 Page 30 Lesson Outline: I. Tidbits...31 II. White People's Attacks on Other People...37 III. Why The American Indians Failed to Successfully Defend Themselves Against White People...39 IV. Why Black People Were Enslaved..47

Lesson #3 Page 52 Lesson Outline: I. Black History Summary...54 II. Some Black Accomplishments (Prior to contact with and domination by non-Black People)...66 III. Effects of Enslavement on Africa...68

Lesson #4 Page 71 Lesson Outline: I. White People in the Americas (1492-1619)...72 II. Types of Colonies Established...74 III. Development of Colonies (1619-1700): North America, A Case Study...76 IV. Black People in White History (1492- )...82 V. Black People in American History (1492-1865)...91

Lesson #5 Page 95 Lesson Outline: I. Review: Points to Remember...96 II. Black Responses to Slavery and Inequality...98

Lesson #6 Page 130 Lesson Outline: I. The Civil War Period...131 II. Reconstruction..135 III. White Supremacy...140 IV. Back In Our Place...143 V. Meantime, In Africa..146 VI. Meantime, The Caribbean...149 VII. Back Into Ourselves...154 VIII. Meantime, World Events...158

Lessons #7&8 Page 160 Lesson Outline: I. The U.S.A., 1870-1930: A Brief Summary...160 II. World History: World War II - 1970...167

Lesson #9 Page 201 Lesson Outline: I. World History Today...201 II. The Future: Will Black People Be Prepared?...210

Lesson #10 Page 218 Lesson Outline: I.Synopsis...218 II. Excerpts...220

Ten Lessons is ideal for Black Studies / History courses in high schools and colleges.

Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History ISBN 1883885-06-X