...NOT TO BE: Essays About Integration


(1) "... not to be"

A brief comment on the defrauding of white America by America's white leadership, and how white Americans are handicapped as a result.

(2) "The Hispanic Factor"

A look at the possibility of African-Americans and Hispanic Americans forming a political bloc as a means of combatting white America's racism.

(3) "White People Don't Read Black Books"

What are the possibilities of real integration in the United States of America. Have white Americans in fact changed their attitudes and outlook toward Black People?

(4) "We Changed"

An important and revealing account of the 500 year process that changed self-governing and independent minded Africans who were shipped to this country as slaves into insecure, integration seeking African-Americans. This historical essay explains how the change came about and when it actually began to exert itself.

...NOT TO BE: ideal for Black Studies / Philosophy courses in high schools and colleges.