Black People is a proper noun, not a common one; it should be capitalized at all times. Any pronoun that refers to Us as a people is a proper pronoun, not a common one; it should also be capitalized at all times. The term Black, when referring to Black People, is not an adjective. Black embodies the essence of Our being, it does not describe any particular trait about Us. Within that context, Black should also be capitalized at all times. Black leaders, teachers and adults must begin observing these rules of capitalization, teaching them to Our children and defending them when they are challenged by others.

It is understandable why white people would question capitalizing the word Black; they see their standard being ignored and invalidated, and part of their dominance threatened. But when people of color, particularly Black individuals, challenge the capitalization of Black, it shows how brainwashed they are, how much they have been controlled by white standards and a non-Black way of thinking. Until those type of Black individuals develop the ability to recognize Black People's right to establish Our own rules of capitalization, their mindset will not allow them to do things that will benefit Black People in ways that really count.

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