A Black Studies Guide for TeenAgers and Adults


The Black Studies Book includes nine chapters, each covering a specific Black Studies field that is critical to Black individuals who want to refresh and re-orient their educational focus. It includes several essays on Black Nationalism and Integration, two critical subjects that are all but ignored by the education establishment. Its contents include:

I. Introduction A. "Blake and Floyd"

II. Black Nationalism A. "The Republic of New Afrika: Its Development, Ideology and Objectives" B. "Reparations for Black People in America? Not Just Yet!"

III. Black Psychology A. "On the Way to the Nuthouse" B. "What Black Middle Class?" C. "The Black Jeffersonians"

IV. Black History A. "Lessons From History All Black Persons Should Be Aware Of"

V. Personal Relations A. "Male/Female Relations in the Black Community"

VI. Religion and Spirituality A. "Africa: Home of Religious Beginnings" B. Brief Essays Concerning Religion

VII. Pan-Africanism A. "Toward An Understanding of Africa" B. "Effects of Enslavement on Africa" C. "African Socialism" D. "Black Leadership: What Is It?" E. "Six Steps to Black Power"

VIII. Philosophy A. Black Thought Essays

IX. Concluding Essays A. "Black-Smart: What Is It?" B. "Can These Colors Merge: Where Did The Idea Of Integration In America Come From?" C. "Beyond Farrakhan and OJ" D. "Black People Must Be Black Centric" E. "Integration: A Huge Mountain To Climb" F. "The Future: Will Black People Be Prepared?"

THE BLACK STUDIES BOOK is ideal for Black Studies / Philosophy courses in high schools and colleges.