BLACK SMART is one of our alternative education series on Black Studies. BLACK-SMART is more than 40 letter length, easy to read essays that address the condition and plight of Black People in the United States, and what needs to be done to eliminate many of their woes. BLACK-SMART is a Philosophy and Politics handbook that identifies and characterizes problem areas and provides solutions that students can refer to time and again as they continue their educational experience. This valuable addition to your Black Studies reading list will help students understand minor and major adjustments that Black People can make to become major players in the national and international webs of power. Students must learn the value of logic. Students must learn how to apply what they learn. And students must learn how to overcome fear and temptation. BLACK-SMART provides them with some necessary food for thought. A sample of the essay titles includes:

"We Have A Lot Of Work To Do" Part l "We Have A Lot Of Work To Do" Part ll "Some Black Guidelines" "Concerning Our So-Called Community Organizations" "Think For Yourself" "The Press: Dr. Jekyll Is Hyding" "Your Choice To Make" "How Far, Recognition?" "Take A Look At Yourself" "The Vote" "Opposites Don't Always Attract" "Mind Power" Part 1 "Mind Power" Part ll "Basics" Part 1 "Basics" Part ll "Mystic Years And Pipe Dreams" "Know Your Enemies" "Shotguns Disguised As Ministers" "We Do Not Value Ourselves" "Hard To Gain, Easy To Lose" "The Challenge" and more.

BLACK SMART is ideal for Black Studies / Philosophy courses in high schools and colleges.

BLACK-SMART [Essays To Black People] ISBN 1883885-09-4