Course Outline

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Title of Course: Personal Finances 101 Mba Mbulu, Instructor

"Steps Toward Personal Financial Triumph"

Textbook: Text will be based on online essays and materials. You will need a spiral binder for record keeping purposes. No loose sheets of paper please, unless you are specifically instructed to remove sheets from the binder.

Your progress in this class depends on you. The purpose of Personal Finances 101 is to assist you in staying out of serious debt and living within your "means." We do that by trying to help you understand what you do and what businesses do that result in you being strained financially.

Personal Finances 101 Classes
"Steps Toward Personal Financial Triumph"

  Class #1: Establishing Income, Making A Budget
 Class #2: Maintaining A Separate Spending Record, Resisting Unplanned Buying
 Class #3: Bills And Credit Cards
Class #4: Spending, Consuming And Investing
Class #5: Your Attitude And Your Time
 Class #6: Keys to Successfully Managing a Budget
 Class #7: Sales Phrases to Watch Out For
 Class #8: Don't Fall For The Hype
 Class #9: An Ounce of Prevention
 Class #10: Additional Pointers