(1) Black students should learn about Black Nationalism. Why? So they can develop a comfort zone with the thought of Black People being independent and self-governing people. They should be taught that Black nationalism is natural because it is natural for politically responsible people to want to govern themselves and not be dominated by others. Since quality of life issues are determined by those who govern, the only way Black People can determine the quality of Black People's lives is if Black People govern themselves under a Black system.

(2) Black students should learn about Black History. When learning Black History, they should be taught that:
(A) Black People have traditionally been independent and self governing people;
(B) Black People have established some of the greatest nations and societies known to mankind;
(C) Black People were major players who made major contributions to the development of the United States of America;
(D) Black People were not enslaved because We were ignorant, underdeveloped barbarians who needed to be christianized. Black People were enslaved because of Our high level of development and discipline, because We were accustomed to working hard and in an organized manner, because We had the skills, intelligence and know-how to build the type of country white people wanted to build, because We were a peace loving people who could not defend Ourselves against white militaries and because some of Our leaders were too short-sighted and weak-minded to realize that they should not collaborate with white people because white people were nothing but bad news for Black People.

While learning Black history, they should also be taught the following:
(a) The slaves were not interested in integrating with white people, so integration was never a major objective of Black People who were in their right minds;
(b) Black People ended slavery by freeing themselves. No one "freed" Us, We freed Ourselves;
(c) If We had not freed Ourselves during the Civil War, We still might be slaves today because neither white people in the North, South or West cared enough about Black People to free Black People; and
(d) According to international law, Black People in the United States have the right to claim part of this land mass and form Our own country and government. Black students need to know that that option is presently open to Us, whether We choose to take advantage of it or not.

(3) Black students need to learn about integration. They need to be taught that people need to be equal before integration is possible. They need to be taught that people who feel equal have do not seek to integrate because they are satisfied with who they are. They also need to be taught that, when people seek to integrate, they are usually motivated by a feeling of inferiority; they don't consider themselves "as good as" the people they seek to integrate with.
People who are proud of who they are seek equality, not integration. Equality means that every group of people has the right to make the decisions that determine the quality of their lives. They make the laws they live by and are not handicapped by the laws of others.

(4) Black students need to learn the truth about white American history. Black students need to learn the history of this country from people who are not tied to white America's apron strings or controlled by white America's checkbook. They need to be taught that white people, like all people, possess many qualities that are admirable, but that white people have a tendency to use those qualities in negative ways and in the pursuit of unhealthy and unwise objectives. They also need to be taught that the United States of America is primarily concerned about the welfare of business, not people. Because of that, the concerns of Black People will be de-prioritized for as long as Black People continue to be dominated by a white system.

Being educated is more than knowing formulas, concepts and bits and pieces of information. Being educated involves understanding where you stand in the context of those formulas, concepts and bits and pieces of information. For that reason, Black People cannot afford to educate their students with the intent of getting them the best job possible in the white American scheme of things. We need to break that link between Black education and white jobs and concentrate on providing Black students with the knowledge they need to take control of the critical quality of life factors. That is not as risky as it will sound to some insecure parents because well educated people do not tend to be handicapped; they are able to figure out what they need to do to make their lives successful, fulfilling and meaningful.

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