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Instructor: Mba Mbulu

7 Steps Black Parents Can Take to Prepare Their Children for Public Schools

If, for whatever reason, you decide to enroll your children into a white dominated education system or public school, PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR THAT EXPERIENCE. Otherwise, your child will subconsciously internalize a negative image of Black People and a negative image of himself/herself. You, as a Black parent or adult, can combat the negativeness by instilling a positive image of Black People into your children and a reasonable forecast of what your child should expect from a school system that is dominated by white and white-minded people. For the educational and psychological well being of young Blacks, psychologically prepare your children for the experience that awaits them. The following suggestions will help you in that regard.

(1) Teach your children about Black history and the Black experience before the school system gets access to their minds. Make sure they know about many of Black People's amazing accomplishments, inventions and contributions to human progress.

(2) Teach your children about racism before the school system gets access to their minds.

(3) Teach your children that Black People's lifestyle, values and value system are legitimate, are not inferior and should not be abandoned.

(4) Make your children aware of the fact that white educators do not know how to teach Black students.

(5) Make your children are aware of the fact that white teachers have negative notions and biases about Black students.

(6) Explain that some Black educators and teachers have lost contact with themselves and exhibit many of the same biases that white educators and teachers exhibit.

(7) Explain to your children why they are being enrolled into a school system that is dominated by non-Black principles and tends to harm and hinder Black students.

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