Course Outline

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Title of Course: Economics 101 [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Economics is a science. By that, I mean it is an organized system of activities (some economic systems are more highly organized than others) as opposed to a random series of activities. We must remember that, as important as it is, money is only an economic tool. There are other tools that are much more important than money. We must be astute enough to refocus, to look at the picture from a different angle, and put Ourselves in a better position to determine what is best for Us. What We will discover is this: One of the keys to an independent Black Power Economic system is actualizing economic principles that might not have been actualized before.

All Class Materials are Found Online

Class #1: What is Economics?
Class #2: What is Black Power Economics?
  Class #3 : Our Attitude Is Our Greatest Asset
   Class #4 : Management Issues
  Class #5 : We Have To Manage Our Selves
  Class #6: We Have To Manage Our Attitude
  Class #7 : We Have To Manage Our Energy
  Class #8 : We Have To Manage Our Time
  Class #9: We Have To Manage Our Skills
Class #10: We Have To Manage Our Wealth
Class #11: We Have To Manage Our Money
Class #12: What Guarantees Success
Class #13: We Can Do Without The Goodies
Class #14: Our Baby
Class #15: The Tree of Priorities