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Title of Course: Black Nationalism 201 Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Prerequisite Course: Failure to take Black Nationalism 101 will hinder your understanding of the issues dealt with in Black Nationalism 201. If you have not taken Black Nationalism 101, please do so. If you have taken Black Nationalism 101, please review it.

The following quote was written in 1979 by Mba Mbulu:

"This is the dawning of a revolutionary age. Already, the initial stages of this revolutionary age have been put into motion. The liberation movements in Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the world have changed national governments and the relationship of these governments to each other. Soon, this revolutionary process will move upward to a higher stage because it will concern itself with re-defining the relationship between national governments and the masses of the people they are supposed to represent. The revolutionary process that is presently taking root goes beyond the European concept of revolution. It represents a world order the European will have to learn about and adapt to. In short, it represents a world order the European is not capable of leading. For the sake of progress then, white people will have to be forced to take a back seat so non-white people, people who understand what is developing, can direct humanity to a different method and level of social intercourse.[Top]

"A new world order is emerging. The masses, particularly people of color, are no longer satisfying themselves with only talking about those things that need to be done and doing those things that only need to be talked about. The masses are getting involved (and learning to stay involved) in the critical issues, and in the process are re-defining what power is. Power is no longer a strictly military (political and economic) phenomenon. Power is now psychological and spiritual as well. Power is a frame of mind. It is an ability, unquestionably: to influence others, to control others, to frustrate others and to not be co-erced or manipulated by others; but the limited and traditional means of demonstrating that ability are no longer accepted as valid. In that regard, they are indicative of the white world in general. It, the white world (its standards, etc.), is no longer accepted as valid by people of color. A new set of international standards and relationships is impending." [Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History, page 209-210]

Black People in the United States, New Afrikans, can take Our place at the head of this new world order, this new set of international standards and relationships. Establishing Ourselves as an independent legal reality in North America will not only give Us the power to control Our own destiny, it will give Us the authority to legitimately and effectively represent abused and exploited people throughout the world. [Top]

Black Nationalism 201 Classes [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

"Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism" [Essay Version] [Audio Version]

  Class #1 Historical Foundation for a Totally Separate and Independent
Black Government in North America
 Class #2 International Law Foundation in Support of a Totally Separate and Independent Black Government in North America
 Class #3 Names, Towns and Recruits
 Class #4 Government and Money
  Class #5 Diversity, Input and Time
 Class #6 The Psychology Of Self Defense
 Class #7 We Can Do Without The Goodies, Involve The Young
 Class #8 The Vanguard, The Black Vanguard, The Black Nationalist Vanguard
 Class #9 The Black Nationalist Vanguard, Elite Black Nationalists and Non-Elite Black Nationalists
 Class #10 What Guarantees Success