Course Outline

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Title of Course: Black Government 101 Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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(Please Note: The latest amendments to the Code of Umoja appear in RED type.)

All Class Materials are Found Online

  The Black/New Afrikan Creed

  The Black Declaration of Independence
The Code of Umoja / Black Constitution

Class # 1 Introduction to Black Government 101
Class # 2
Rights And Responsibilities Of The People And Officials Of The Government
Explanatory Notes
  Class # 3 Description Of The Territorial Claims Of The Republic Of New Afrika And The Republic Of New Afrika's Priorities And Policies With Regards Thereto
Explanatory Notes

   Class # 4 The Legislative Power, Explanatory Notes
  Class # 5 The Legislative Power, Explanatory Notes
  Class # 6 Source And Supremacy Of New Afrikan Law
Explanatory Notes

  Class # 7 The Executive Power, Explanatory Notes
  Class # 8 Judicial Power, Explanatory Notes
  Class # 9 Ratification And Amendments, Explanatory Notes