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Welcome to the campus of ASET University, the first free university on the internet!! We deliver a creative, independent and alternative education to the fingertips of educators and students. We will teach YOU how to make the world YOUR castle.

Anyone can attend ASET University. All COURSES are free of charge.

REGISTRATION: No registration is required! Some courses require the purchase of books, some allow students to benefit partially without books (online essays are provided), and some require no books.

***!!!COURSES: All COURSE classes will be online at all times!!!***You do not have to seek a certificate or degree. If you want a CERTIFICATE or DEGREE, CLICK HERE!

INSTRUCTOR: Your instructor is Mba Mbulu. For more on Mba Mbulu, Click Here.

Some of Aset University's courses are now available in Audio. If available, you will see an AudioVersion link on the Class Page.

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