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Black Nationalism is the only real solution for Black People in the US of A.

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Every Black person who lives in the United States of America is a New Afrikan. Stop the confusion; and stop hyphenating your citizenship status. We are all New Afrikans, and the country We are citizens of is the Republic of New Afrika.

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RIP Micah Xavier Johnson ... Rest in Peace young brother, alongside Nat Turner, Denmark Veazey, Gabriel Prosserl and others from the past and future.


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A white mob attacked Black People in Tulsa Oklahoma close to 100 years ago, murdering hundreds in an attempt to wipe the community oft the face of the earth. That Black area, known as Greenwood ("Little Africa"), was very prosperous and generated a lot of jealousy among racist white Oklahomans. If you do not already know about this, then you need to learn more about your history. Click Here


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